In our factory retail outlet, we sell all our Carobana products plus a number of specialty lines that are only available in the shop. Some of these are short production runs of products we are trialling and some where we have batch ingredients left over and have made some specialty items.

Free samples are available for tasting too, as well as free tea and coffee.

As part of the Carobana working factory experience, when in production, we have factory tours which start in the auditorium (where we have a small video presentation showing) and a live talk. Then there is a tour of the production line, passing the main kitchens where the honeycomb is made and the brittles, then to the enrober, where the carob coating starts, through the drying tunnel, to the packing room and then back to the shop.

We are usually in production Monday to Thursday, with special production runs on Fridays for pre-booked coach and tour groups.

Outside the front of our factory we have an under cover seated area, which is ideal for coach groups and we have two barbeques available (supply your own food).

Our spacious grounds in front of the factory includes a number of Carob trees and a rainforest.

What is Carob? It is not chocolate, though looks the same. Carob comes from the Carob tree in a pod form. Link here for more information.

Herea area some photos of our retail outlet with a coach tour group visiting.