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New Distributors and Wholesalers are most welcome and we offer most attractive prices. Contact us for our our pricing on all the products listed below.

We have a flexible production line and can make (new) coated products to your specific requirements. Our products are available in retail pack sizes or bulk 1kg packs.

All of Our Products Retail Pack Size

Milk Carob Products

(Also available in 1kg bulk packs)
Carob Buttons - Retail 125g
Carob Coated Ginger 125g
Carob Coated Ginger 250g
Carob Rocky Road 200g
Carob Coated Licorice 150g
Carob Coated Marshmallows 125g
Carob Coated Honeycomb Nibbles 200g
Carob Coated Lime Creams 125g
Carob Coated Peppermint Creams 125g
Carob Peppermint Buds 125g
Carob Orange Buds 125g
Yoghurt Buttons 125g
Carob Coated Peanut Brittle 100g
Carob Coated Peppermint Fudge 125g
Carob Coated Rum and Raisin Fudge 125g

N.A.S. Carob Products

NAS Carob Buttons 125g
NAS Carob Coconut Rough 125g
NAS Carob Almond and Raisin Cluster 125g
NAS Carob Apricot Cluster 125g
NAS Carob Coated Popcorn 125g
NAS Carob Fruit and Nut 125g
NAS Carob Coated Whole Bananas 125g
NAS Carob Coated Whole Dates 125g
NAS Peppermint Buds 125g
NAS Orange Buds 125g
Crackle Cluster 125g

Soy Carob Products

Soy Carob Buttons 125g
Soy Carob Coconut Rough 125g
Soy Carob Ginger Pieces 125g
Soy Carob Honeycomb Crumble 200g
Soy Carob Fruit and Nut 125g
Honeycomb Products  
Honeycomb Pieces (uncoated) 180g
Honeycomb Chips (for ice creams) 200g
Brittle Products  
Cashew Brittle 100g
Peanut Brittle 100g
Macadamia Brittle 100g
Macadamia and Ginger Brittle 100g
Other Carob Products  
Carob Kibble 250g
Carob Powder 200g
Carob Syrup 250ml

Our trading terms are 30 days net, or prepaid.